Beverly Hills Cop Steelbook – Zavvi Exclusive

Here we have yet another BluRay Steelbook exclusive to the self-confessed ‘Home of Steelbooks’. In recent months they have backed up their slogan with an increasing dominance in the UK Steelbook market, this Beverly Hills Cop Steelbook is another title to add to their long list of exclusives.

Beverly Hills Cop is a classic Action-Crime-Comedy featuring Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley tracking down his best friend’s Killer in Beverly Hills. The Steelbook itself has some cool and bright artwork on the front and back but no special detailing. The inside artwork was chosen exclusively by the HDN Forum users – a very special opportunity for avid Steelbook fans. This limited edition Beverly Hills Cop Steelbook is released on the 19th August 2013 and retails at £14.99.

Hopefully we can expect the rest of the Beverly Hills Cop movies in Steelbook format soon.

Pre-order Beverly Hills Cop Steelbook –

bhc front BCH back

BHC inside