Die Hard and The Sixth Sense – New Steelbooks

Yet more Steelbooks have been listed on Zavvi.com, and again both exclusive and limited edition. Zavvi have secured a real treat in providing us with the original Die Hard on Steelbook format and also The Sixth Sense Steelbook.

The Die Hard Steelbook has no artwork confirmed yet, but is priced at £15.99 with a release date of 8th October 2013. The Sixth Sense Steelbook is listed at £14.99 with a release date of 23rd September 2013. Both Are available for pre-order now

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Die Hard Steelbook – Zavvi.com – £14.99
The Sixth Sense Steelbook – Zavvi.com – not live yet (22nd June)

Die Hard Steelbook Artwork – TBA

Die Hard Steelbook


The Sixth Sense Steelbook Artwork -TBA

Sixth sense steelbook cover

Sixth sense steelbook back

Sixth sense steelbook inside