Little Mermaid and Jungle Book Steelbooks

Zavvi have today released artwork and pre-orders for The Little Mermaid and The Jungle book Steelbooks. These latest releases from Walt Disney Studios follow on from the likes of Finding Nemo with awesome artwork (will most probably be embossed too).

The Little Mermaid Steelbook and The Jungle Book Steelbook are released on the 16th September 2013 and the 12th August 2013, both are Zavvi exclusives and cost £22.99. Get your pre-orders in soon as they will go out of stock before release!

Jungle Book Steelbook – – £22.99
The Little Mermaid Steelbook – – £22.99

The Jungle Book Steelbook Artwork

The jungle book artwork

The Little Mermaid Steelbook Artwork

The Little Mermaid steelbook