Pixar Collection Clue!

Zavvi have given us a rare weekend off with no new Steelbook releases or pre-orders, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on this weekend. Zavvi have left us with a clue for the 3rd title in their Pixar Steelbook Collection, the clue is an image of a multi-coloured question mark as oppose to the standard black and white one. So which Pixar film could this be? We can only fathom one guess, and that’s UP. We think the multi-coloured clue is in relation to the colourful balloons in the film UP.

Which Pixar Steelbook do you think it could be? Or do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below.

Clue Revealed – Toy Story Steelbook

It turns out the clue wasn’t for an UP Steelbook, is was infact for Toy Story. The multicoloured question mark is in relation to album artwork from a British band called TOY, see below for the full clue revealed. Toy Story Steelbook

Zavvi Pixar Clue - UP?

TOY-TOY-cover_800Toy Story Steelbook