Rambo First Blood Steelbook – Zavvi Exclusive!

We’ve been hearing rumours about Rambo First Blood coming to the UK Steelbook scene and finally Zavvi have announced their exclusivity for this release, First Blood steelbook will be hitting our shelves on the 12th August 2013.

But nothing was to prepare us for the sheer enjoyment that met our eyes when we saw the Rambo First Blood artwork for the first time. The artwork looks to have a matte black effect with the outline of a blood red dagger, on the back it features a portrait of Stallone as Rambo, to sum it up in one word; it looks awesome. Unfortunately upon further inspection, it appears artwork is subject to change so keep an eye out for updates. If the end product lives up to the expectations the preliminary artwork we could be looking at

This limited edition Rambo Steelbook is released on the 12th August, exclusively available at Zavvi and costs £14.99.

Rambo First Blood Steelbook front cover

Rambo First Blood Steelbook rear

Rambo First Blood Steelbook inside