The Beyond and JFK Steelbooks

The Beyond and JFK are the most recent Steelbook listings at and are available to pre-order now.

The JFK Steelbook features as part of a recent Steelbook wave from 20th Century Fox, it’s release date is the 4th of November alongside Daredevil, X-men 2 and The Fifth Element Steelbooks. Like many Steelbooks JFK has a limited print run and will cost £17.49 on launch. The JFK Steelbook artwork looks nice, with the design based around the United States flag and its colours, hopefully the title will be embossed.

The Beyond Steelbook is the most recent Steelbook release from Arrow Films, who are masters in creating great products. The Beyond is no exception and has some fantastic artwork all the way through, the front, back, inside and disc artwork are all excellent pieces from this well-known Steelbook publisher. The film itself was originally released in 1983 and is about the seven doors of death which allow the dead to cross into the real world, this film has a massive cult following and will be popular among Steelbook Collectors. The Beyond Steelbook will cost £14.99 and is released on the 21st October 2013.

The Beyond Steelbook – Pre-order now!
JFK Steelbook – Pre-order now!

JFK Steelbook artwork

JFK Steelbook cover

JFK Steelbook inside artwork

JFK Steelbook back cover artwork

The Beyond Steelbook artwork

The Beyond Steelbook cover

The Beyond Steelbook artwork