Zavvi Marvel Steelbooks – Thor & Captain America

Zavvi are yet again teasing us Steelbook-collectors by listing more highly desirable Steelbook pre-orders. This time in the form of Marvel’s Captain America Steelbook and Thor Steelbook.

Thor and Captain America Steelbooks were originally released with HMV and are no longer available unless you’re willing to pay £60+ on eBay. Re-releasing is often frowned upon by hardcore collectors, as the original copies value can decrease, but on the other side, Steelbook collecting is becoming increasingly popular and retailers like Zavvi can fill the demand for these older titles.

The Artwork will be from original Blu-ray releases of these titles, but no word on which one yet!

**UPDATE 24/04/13**
Thor and Captain America Steelbooks are now live

Captain America Steelbook Pre-order Now!
Thor SteelbookPre-order Now!

Zavvi’s Captain America Steelbook artwork


Zavvi’s Thor Steelbook artwork