Steelbook FAQ’s

What is a Steelbook?

“A SteelBook is a high quality case similar in size and layout to a keep case but featuring an outer metal shell.”

Steelbooks are high in quality and can often cost a premium in relation to standard releases of DVD’s, Blu-ray’s and games. The outer metal casing gives Steelbooks a sturdy structure and quality feel, embossing and debossing also adds interest, throw in some eye-catching graphics and you have yourself a very desirable product. Steelbooks are often limited or special edition and most titles hold their value very well, some rare titles can reach as much as £200+ on the second hand market, providing they are in good condition.

How to spot a Steelbook?

Steelbooks aren’t the only metal packaging for movies and games, also on the market are Metal Box™, MetalPak™, Steel Tin™ and IronPack™ but they are by far the most popular and dominating the ‘high-end media packaging’ market. To spot or identify a genuine Steelbook you need to open the case and look for a Steelbook™ Logo which looks like this; You’ll commonly find the logo below the disc inside the case

Protecting and displaying your Steelbooks

If you’re an avid Steelbook collector, protection is essential, the best and most popular method is to keep them sealed, or buy double and only open one, but this isn’t very practical and financially troubling. For those who want to open their Steelbooks and actually watch the movie there are plastic protective Slipcovers or Sleeves, which can be picked up on eBay. Prices vary depending on type and quality.

For showing off your Steelbooks you can buy clear plastic display stands costing around £1 each, these are awesome for boasting your latest addition.

Where to buy Steelbooks

There are plenty of places in the UK you can buy BluRay Steelbooks. Below we have collated the most popular, if you have any different retailers please suggest in the comments below.

Online retailers

  • Zavvi
  • HMV
  • Sainsburys
  • Play – Although these are all now traders
  • eBay

Highstreet Retailers

  • HMV
  • CEX – Occasionally you can find a second hand steelbook or two