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UK Steelbook Pre-orders

We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest Steelbook pre-orders available in the UK, whether its a re-release, retailer exclusive or limited edition. See below for the latest titles shown in chronological date order, so you know what’s coming and when. On this page you can see every UK Steelbook pre-order along with an image, release date and price.

10 Cloverfield Lane Steelbook

Exclusive in HMV

Bone Tomahawk Steelbook

Bone Tomahawk Steelbook, exclusive to

Perfect Blue Steelbook

Perfect Blue Steelbook, exclusive to

Gang Related Steelbook

Gang Related Steelbook, exclusive to

The Ghoulies 1-2 Steelbook

The Ghoulies 1-2 Steelbook

The Angry Birds Movie Steelbook

The Angry Birds Movie Steelbook

American Psycho Steelbook

American Psycho Steelbook, pre-order Saturday 17th October at 6:00PM. Ultra limited print run.

Iron Man Steelbook

Iron Man Steelbook, available to buy from now.