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UK Steelbook Pre-orders

We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest Steelbook pre-orders available in the UK, whether its a re-release, retailer exclusive or limited edition. See below for the latest titles shown in chronological date order, so you know what’s coming and when. On this page you can see every UK Steelbook pre-order along with an image, release date and price.

Jack Reacher - Never Go Back Steelbook

Jack Reacher – Never Go Back Steelbook, exclusive to HMV

11355402-2804450Doctor Strange 3D Steelbook968512937

Doctor Strange 3D Steelbook, exclusive to Zavvi, includes 3D.

Arrival Steelbook

Arrival Steelbook, exclusive to, released 20th March 2017.

Sherlock - Series 4 Steelbook

Sherlock – Series 4 Steelbook

Moana 3D Steelbook

Moana 3D Steelbook, includes 2D, exclusive to

Passengers Steelbook

Passengers Steelbook, exclusive to

The Entity Steelbook

The Entity Steelbook, exclusive to Zavvi, includes Blu-ray and DVD.