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UK Steelbook Pre-orders

We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest Steelbook pre-orders available in the UK, whether its a re-release, retailer exclusive or limited edition. See below for the latest titles shown in chronological date order, so you know what’s coming and when. On this page you can see every UK Steelbook pre-order along with an image, release date and price.

Treasure Planet Steelbook

Treasure Planet Steelbook, pre-order, 6th December 2015 at 6PM.

Signs Steelbook

Signs Steelbook, exclusive to, pre-order now.

Labyrinth - Mondo X

Labyrinth Slteelbook, exclusively from & Mondo.

Spectre Steelbook

James Bond Spectre Steelbook will be an Amazon exclusive release. No word on pre-order or release date yet, the artwork is available but it’s confirmed whether or not it is […]

Tombstone Steelbook

Tombstone Steelbook available to pre-order Sunday 17th January 2016 at 6PM, exclusively at Zavvi.

Doctor Who - Series 9 Steelbook

Doctor Who – Series 9 Steelbook, exclusive to, released March 2016.

Rambo Steelbook

Rambo Steelbook, limited to 2000 copies, pre-order sunday 31st Jan 2016 from 6PM at

Ultraviolet Steelbook

Ultraviolet Steelbook, pre-order from, 6PM Saturday 30th January, limited to 2000 copies.

The Last Witch Hunter Steelbook

The Last Witch Hunter Steelbook, exclusive to

The Mask of Zorro Steelbook

The Mask of Zorro Steelbook, pre-order now from

Boyz 'n' the Hood Steelbook

Boyz ‘n’ the Hood Steelbook, pre-order now from, released 7h March 2016.

The Hunger Games - Complete Collection Steelbook

The Hunger Games – Complete Collection Steelbook exclusive to

The Good Dinosaur Steelbook

The Good Dinosaur Steelbook, available to pre-order now.

Kill Bill Steelbook

Pre-order Kill Bill Steelbook NOW at

Doctor Who - Spearhead from Space Steelbook

Doctor Who – Spearhead from Space Steelbook, exclusive to Zavvi, limited to 2000 copies.

Kill Bill 2

Kill Bills 2 Steelbook, order now from

Hotel Transylvania 2 Steelbook

Hotel Transylvania 2 Steelbook, pre-order now, artwork unconfirmed.

The Mist Steelbook

The Mist Steelbook, limited 2000 copies and exclusive to

Amelie Steelbook

Amelie Steelbook, exclusive to Zavvi, limited to 2000 copies.

American Psycho Steelbook

American Psycho Steelbook, pre-order Saturday 17th October at 6:00PM. Ultra limited print run.

Iron Man Steelbook

Iron Man Steelbook, available to buy from now.