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Batman Forever

Batman Forever Steelbook

Release date: 2013/06/24
Price: £13.95
Publisher: Warner Home Video
Genre: Action

Joel Schumacher replaced Tim Burton as director for Batman Forever, which saw the franchise head in a new direction. A new Batman (Val Kilmer) was bought in and given a side-kick called Robin (Chris O’Donnell) together they would see of the likes of The Riddler (Jim Carey) and Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones). The Batman Forever Steelbook is part of a re-release of the whole Batman series to the collectible Steelbook format. The Artwork on the front of this Steelbook looks pretty cool with Batman holding his cape in the misty moon-lit night.

**UPDATE 02/06/2013**
delayed from 3rd until 24th June 2013

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