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Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Release date: 2013/09/09
Price: £23.99
Publisher: Paramount Home Entertainment
Genre: Action

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Steelbook is a exclusive and retails at a steep £23.99. The artwork for this title is the same as Spains Iron Man 3 – with Iron Man’s  battle damaged chest plate glowing in a glorious florescent blue. Release date for the Iron Man 3 Steelbook is 9th September 2013. Read more on the Iron man 3 Steelbook news item.

This title is a single disc Blu-ray and comes with the following special features:

• Marvel Short Film: Agent Carter
• Iron Man 3 without mask
• Analyze the scene: the attack on Air Force One
• Deleted and extended scenes
• An exclusive behind the scenes – Thor: The Dark World

Pre-order not yet available

**UPDATE 11/06/2013**
Expected Midnight 12th/13th June

**UPDATE 12/06/2013**
Pre-order now! was live from 10:50PM

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