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The Rocketeer
The Rocketeer

The Rocketeer Steelbook

Release date: 2013/09/23
Price: £14.99
Publisher: Walt Disney Studios
Genre: Action

The Rocketeer Steelbook is another release from Walt Disney Studios in Steelbook format. The artwork features a cartoon image on the front with a photo of the Rocketeer on the back. This Steelbook is another exclusive and costs £14.99. Release date has been confirmed as 23rd September 2013.

The film itself is about a young pilot that stumbles onto a prototype jetpack which allows him to become an airborne masked hero, he sets out to save his girl and stop the Nazis as The Rocketeer.

**UPDATE 03/06/2013**
The Rocketeer Steelbook now Sold out

**UPDATE 21/09/2013**

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£14.99 Soldout